We   have   a   publishing   division,   Phansi   Publishing   which   publishes   short   runs   of   specialist‐interest arts,   crafts   and   cultural   literature.     One   of   the   most   significant   contributions   which the   Bartel   Arts   Trust   has made   to   the   enrichment   of   the   cultural   life   of   our   province   is   the   annual   Arts,   Craft,   Tradition calendar   which   has   become   an   iconic   collector’s   item,   adorning   the   walls   of   rural   schools   and boardrooms   alike.

The   first   communal   calendar   was   printed   in   1994   and   showed   a   compilation   of some   of   the   community   buildings   we   had   recently   completed   plus   a   selection   of   artefacts   from   our collection.     The   publication   is   awaited   with   much   anticipation   by   many   in   South Africa, abroad, in   rural areas   and   in   the   city.

was established to allow PHANSI to tell its stories of liberation art and share its amazing collections.

These Include:
The Bat calendar, past and present in poster, desk and personalized form and sets of postcards relating to the subjects of particular years.


The Ngena   Gallery   has   a   small   book   shop   where   we   sell   a   few   of   the   books   we   have   published.   Our    calendars   and   books   relate   to   our   exhibitions   and   programmes.    We   have   been   able   to   source   a   number   of   important   books   related   to   African   art   and   will   begin   to    market   these   widely.

A number of books, close to our hearts that illuminate other corners of our culture.

Please contact us to place an order.

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