The old villa has many rooms and crannies all of which have been arranged in such a way that they display the beauty of the objects and tell their individual and related stories.

We have about five major opening events per annum when a major exhibition is curated in our flagship gallery.

Smaller exhibitions happen in the landing gallery. On some occasions the whole museum enters into the spirit of things and adapts the more permanent galleries in order to add to the main event.

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The MISSION of the Phansi Museum is to create in the public, in you, a love and understanding of
our COMMUNITY ART and to be inspired by it.

Our exhibitions deal with prejudice, myth, collective memory, histories, customs, traditions and power and their loss. And of course, skill and craft and the materials that come to hand.

What does love and beauty have to do with it?

Exhibitions to observe and question!

Creative journeys to take you right out of Your Box.

Your very own Berlin Wall.

AND with that journey to develop your own skills and become a qualified participant in this THING that gives us

Self-esteem and makes us Human.

The whole building, including the garden is a gallery.Everything that inhabits it including you and all those who visit are part of the greater exhibition.

IT IS because WE ARE because I AM.

The flagship gallery with its wide veranda and roof-deck shaded by a huge magical Natal fig-tree with its tentacle roots, is our space for book- launches, small festivals, outreach projects etc. and coffee.

Music, dance and performance art make the openings memorable.

Roberts House has three levels with various galleries:


The small entrance gallery displays objects directly related to the annual

BAT calendar and a bookshop.


 On the right leads to the veranda and roof terrace.
Phansi (DOWN- where the ancestors reside) Phezulu (UP-the sky, the heavens, the stars up there).

Bi-monthly major exhibitions, questioning and celebrating are hosted. These exhibitions are generally formally opened and documented.

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On the left you will find our administration, research and study sections.

Then up the Mandela staircase to the landing gallery.


The landing gallery hosts small intimate, exhibitions of a browsing nature. Ahead of you through the stained glass door onto the enclosed verandah is the:

PROF. Frank Jollis Collection
On left of the landing gallery is our famous
– Congress of Marionettes and their music by Ludi Novak.

To the right are three interconnected rooms exploring the mystical aspects of the arts on display. Sangomas, medicines, headrests, dolls and more.



Negotiate the transition with care as you pass from lala palm to telephone wire exhibition by Elliot Mkhize, Bheki Dlamini, Ntombifuthi Magwaza and others from 1860-2016, and enter the ante room of gems.

 Now enter the beads and precious things exhibitions to hear, see and feel how beads talks in masters hands.


Displaying food beer and the ancestors

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