Proposed Fundraising project for the Phansi UbuntuArt Museum and Africademy

The bigger PICTURE.
We cannot find ourselves in the present unless we are able to locate ourselves in a recognisable past.
The umbilical chord that binds the past to the present future is our imagination.
The instruments that weave these things together are our artists, however humble.
Ubuntu art honours and celebrates the present and the future by promising to protect identity and inheritance by safeguarding the art and imagination, for the children of tomorrow.
(Andries Botha – Artist)

This is particularly true in our country where the youth has all but forgotten the pain of the past and discovered how art became the tool of liberation, of identity and sanity. Today’s South Africa seems to be only mining its past for the guilty and not for the brave. In the process it deprives millions of their glorious roots and philosophy and art that underpinned it.

Ubuntu is a unique African word that defines relationship and responsibilities between people. It is the philosophical basis for our assumption that humans are unique in the animal kingdom.

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At the Phansi UbuntuArt museum and its Seedbank of
Identity we celebrate those ever absorbing, evolving, spreading, adapting and changing roots that celebrate the community over the individual. Its roots lie in the 3 commandments of the ancestors:
Assure continuity, Show respect and Keep order. Nelson Mandela’s interpretation of Ubuntu was


The PHANSI, the UbuntuArt museum and Africademy developed outreach programs in order to share, conserve and grow this ART in the belief that it will help to build respect and skills in communities and show what can be achieved under the most dire circumstances. Art often only viewed with condescending marvel.

A recent visitor from Austria a retired professor, after listening to my lament about the difficulty of keeping our ‘cultural raft’ afloat asked me to give her a bit of background and suggest how she could become involved.

We wrote the following; maybe you have similar questions.


Phansi Museum began as a private collection that was shared with friends and acquaintances. Over the years, it grew into a major collection that has been visited by many international and local visitors and thousand scholars from near and far.

To a small extent, it has been financed by the province of KwaZulu- Natal. Lotto has also assisted with funds that allowed us to catalogue much of the collection. The major assistance has come from the Bartel Arts Trust that has always stepped in to cover the deficit. This fund has now closed and we are finding it very difficult to fund our operations and staff who have been such wonderful and motivated specialists in our adventure.



    PHANSI MUSEUM TRUST is the owner
    of the Phansi Ubuntu-Art museum and Africademy.
    It is a Public Benefit Trust that presently has six trustees from different fields of expertise.


    Phansi Resource Center NPC is there to support the Trust. It handles all financial transactions of the Trust and is audited annually.

    The Directors of the PBO are appointed by the Phansi Museum Trustees and are answerable to them. It presently has four directors.


    We are aiming at regular financial contributions that will eventually assure that the museum’s core operations are properly funded.
    Outreach project funds are raised separately.
    Bi-monthly feedback to the partners and friends and donors will inform on progress, events, relationships etc.

    We visualize Phansi as a club for passionate idealists, a home from home. A place where we assure that this ultural raft of BEAUTY AS IDENTITY is kept afloat.

    (right now we are exhibiting 8 large panels (another 6 to come) showing the development of our regions art against the tumultuous, ferocious, political landscape and asking for further input from visitors, last Saturday we had the archeological society meeting here talking about new techniques in preserving San paintings, yesterday morning we had the lemon tree poetry workshop enjoying themselves. Sixty-six pupils from a school 200 km away visited the museum. At two Mambos’ the jazz gig brought 3 new talents. In two weeks-time we have Frescoes’ political cartoons of the 1960s followed by six lectures on Traditional southern African architecture. In between visitors keep coming in to be guided through the three floors of treasures.)


    We visualise Phansi as a Club for passionate idealists, a Home from Home. A place where we assure that this cultural Raft of Independence, of beauty and Identity, of Art is always kept afloat.

    We propose that we establish categories of membership so that those interested can choose at which level they would like to interact and support the project. The trustees must report back to all members annually.

    To give a little taste of what happens, the following overview covers the last two and next Saturday. During our 5 day week we receive about four school visits with approximately 90 students in each and about 40 visitors a day. Right now we are exhibiting 8 of 12 two meter long panels showing the development of our regional art against nearly 200 years of, at times a tumultuous, ferocious, political landscape. Last Saturday the archeological society presented new techniques in preserving San paintings. That was followed by the Lemon-tree poetry workshop. Sixty-six pupils from a school 200 km away visited the museum. The Mlambos Jazz gig brought three new talents in the afternoon. Franco Frescura’s political cartoons of the 1960’s will be followed by a series of six lectures on traditional Southern African architecture. Phansi Publishing is supporting these by producing a book and papers.


    Dr. Albertina Luthuli
    One of our precious Liberation heroes and daughter of Albert Luthuli Leader of the ANC and recipient of the Nobel Peace prize.


    Art-lovers of various disciplines who are passionate, knowledgeable and influential in our field.

    They are Hlengiwe Dube, Nkosinathi Zondi. Hans David Mikula, Yusuf Patel and Mfana Mlambo. Paul Mikula, founding trustee responsible for oversight.

    There are nine staff members.


For those of you who admire and support our mission and establishment and wish to contribute to its survival and have a say in its affairs, we offer the following:

Please note that for foreign contributors we suggest the following; 10 Rand = one Dollar, Pound, Euro etc. if that is affordable.

Option 1: For safe, easy and quick online donations, please click on the button below:


Option 2: For direct deposits please see below banking details:

Phansi Resource Centre
Bank: Nedbank
Account Number: 1160617732
Branch Code: 198765
Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ


Option 3: For pledges, please fill in the form below and submit. We’ll get in touch with you:

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